How many vegetables needed

We made a table that shows how much vegetable plants you need to seed or plant to supply your family with vegetables.

In general, multiply the number of plants per person by 3 or 4 for a family-sized planting. We’ve done the work for you in adjusting the numbers of these plants in the chart so at harvest you aren’t overwhelmed with too many delicious veggies.

Don’t forget to add enough to put in your freezer or pickled, so you can enjoy them in the winter as well. This way you’ll save a lot of money too.

And in case you want to start growing from seeds indoors we have a 10 easy step guide, the seeds and vegetable transplants.

Crop (number of plants per ft. of row) Number of plants per person Number of plants for a family of 4
Asparagus (1 plant/ft. of row) 5-10 plants 25 plants
Bush beans (2 plants/ft. of row) 12-15 plants 45 plants
Beets (Thin to 3 plants/ft. of row) 15-30 plants 90 plants
Cucumber (1 plant/2 ft. of row) 1 vine, 2 bushes 2 vines, 4 bushes
Carrots (Thin to 12 plants/ft. of row) 48 plants 144 plants
Sweet Corn (1 plant/ft. of row) 10-15 plants 40 plants (plant in blocks for best pollination)
Eggplant (1 plant/2 ft. of row) 2-3 plants 7 plants
Kale (10/10 ft. of row) 2-7 plants 40 plants
Lettuce (Thin to 3 plants/ft. of row) 24 plants 78 plants
Melon (1 plant/6 ft. of row) 1-2 plants 4 plants
Onion (4 sets/ft. of row) 12-20 sets 80-100 sets
Peas (6 plants/ft. of row) 15-20 plants 70 plants
Pepper (1 plant/ft. of row) 3-5 plants 8-10 plants
Potato (1 plant/ft. of row) 10 plants 40 plants
Radish (thin to 12 plants/ft. of row) 10-15 plants 60 plants
Spinach (Thin to 6 plants/ft. of row) 30-60 plants 180 plants
Squash (1 plant/6 ft. of row) 1-2 plants 3 plants
Tomato (1 plant/2 ft. of row) 2-4 plants 4-6 plants
Zucchini (1 plant/3 ft. of row) 1-2 plants 4 plants

On the internet are several sources about growing vegetables. Below we give you some links you may want to visit to inform yourself about growing, harvesting and cooking.

  • Harvest to Table: great how to grow guides, harvest information and recipes;
  • GrowVeg; brief growing information with plant and harvesting calendar and related diseases;
  • Gardening Know How; very informative posts with information about growing and diseases.