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Payments for the web store can only be made with Visa and Mastercard, although we may experiment with E-transfer. On-site we accept cash, Interac (debit cards), E-transfer and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

You may not know that small businesses pay huge fees to the banks and credit card companies to process credit card transactions.
For this reason there is a surcharge of 2,4% on the total of your purchases if you pay with a credit card and is only a part that is charged to small businesses by the credit card companies.

Please help us to keep our prices down by using cash, Interac Debit and E-transfers.
Unfortunately not in April, May and June. It is simply too time consuming and we need all hands on deck in the greenhouses and yard. We can answer your question(s) send by email and will answer them ASAP, but we can’t guarantee a time-line.

Unfortunately we don’t have an on-line store available due to the high number of annual changing varieties and high costs for copyrighted materials.

The files we offer as downloads, like the coloring page etc. come as pdf-files or image-files. They can be downloaded by using the “download”-buttons across our website. We also have a download page, where all downloadable items are displayed. We use compression software to keep the files, as small as possible to limit your download time.

For the pdf-files we recommend them to download and open them in your pdf-reader or use the “Save as…” from your browser.

Image-files just will be downloaded on your device and can be opened, printed etc. with the program or app you usually use for this purpose.

Because of the nature of most of our products, it is in not possible to return your purchase(s) in case of live plants, shrubs, trees etc., due to circumstances beyond our control, such as correctness of planting, watering, weather, other environmental conditions, etc.
In case we make an exception to this policy a restocking charge may apply and costs for returning, re-planting etc. are always at your expense.
Yes. Every year we custom plant a lot of hanging baskets and other containers specific to the wishes and preferences of our customers. We have a special page with information about custom planting on our website.

No, we only sell mulch in bags , which is most of the times cheaper and more convenient to handle for you. We did some calculations for you to explain this.

If you have a question and you can’t find the answer in this FAQ-section or elesewere on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us.