Seeds and Seedlings 2021

Spring is around the corner and a lot of people are really early this year with planning their vegetable garden. You can start indoor seeding your vegetables and herbs. But you can’t force nature. So it is a good idea to stick to your regular schedule. If you are somewhat new to scheduling seeding there is some good information available on internet. One in particular is The Old Farmers Almanac.

The week you start seeding is related to the time your seedlings can go out to be  transplanted. So keep in mind if you are in Fergus you probably can start earlier and if you are north of Arthur most likely a week later. This all has to do with the predicted last frost date for your area.

Seeds are available and can be found in our shop at the garden center. You also can download a catalog* and order form (see below) if that works better for you. The pricing of all seed packages and other products in our 2021 seed catalog and accompanying order list is HST included!

*) Troughout the years varieties and pricing only varies slightly, so even this older catalog gives you a good impression

In case you don’t know how many seeds you need for growing your family veggie patch, we made a table with a lot of vegetables which gives you a quick insight.

Seedlings (vegetables and herbs) are available late April-beginning of May. By that time we are open for the season. If there are no COVID-restrictions in place, you can choose them yourself in our greenhouse. Buying seedlings earlier is not really an option. You have to keep them inside to protect them from frost with hard to keep correct light, temperature and moisture levels. Meanwhile we  keep growing them under optimal conditions, without interrupting growth. Makes them perform better in your garden!