Market Gardening

Healty food, grown for you

Every year we grow GMO-Free and pesticide free vegetables in the fields on our MyPick Verified farm. They are daily available through the shop at our yard and weekly at farmers markets. We are not certified organic, which still allows you to spray.

We use seeds that also are available in our shop and online and grow transplants to get a headstart or use direct seeding. The transplants are also for sale in spring in the Garden Center up to the beginning of June.

Throughout the season we can supply you with several varieties of kale, cauliflowers, cabbage, carrots, onions, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, strawberries, herbs, beans, sweet corn, spinach, lettuce etc. Please be aware that we rely on weatherconditions for the availability of our fresh produce. Some products go fast, so you you might contact us or call us at 519-848-6816 for your order.

Furthermore we have pastured laying hens, producing fresh brown eggs every day. We also raise free run GMO-Free fed meat chickens. Here you can read more about our laying hens or the meat chickens.

MyPick veriefied Local Farmer

We are a MyPick Veriefied Local Farm

For the 2017 season, Arthur Greenhouses received the MyPick®-certification from the Ontario Farmers Market Association for the 7th year in succession.

Our MyPick®-certification is your assurance that Farmers' Markets Ontario® has visited our farm and has verified not only that the farm itself is "local" but that what we as a grower are selling is produced on our farm.
So you can feel good knowing you're buying directly from the farmer–and are doing your part to ensure the future of agriculture in our area.

Fresh brown eggs  from our pasturized chickens

Every day our ladies surprise us with fresh brown eggs. They enjoy their live on our pasture. Our son Sean mostly looks after them. They also get a lot of attention from customers and visitors of our Garden Center and farm. But most of all they want you to taste their eggs which are for sale!

Fresh brown eggs from pastured chickens
Meat Chicken, GMO-Free fed, No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Taste the difference

Our GMO - free fed (and no hormones and no antibiotics) and free run meat chicken comes frozen and weighs between 4 and 5 lbs. It is available for pick up at our farm. For the farmers markets you have to pre-order*) and we'll bring it with us so you can pick it up. Pricing $4.00/lbs + tax.

*) To comply with the rules of the CFO (Chicken Farmers of Ontario), only (pre-) ordered chickens can be picked up at Farmers Markets.