Custom  Planting

Planting trees or shrubs can be very heavy and hard work. We at Arthur Greenhouses knows how you can avoid that!

Garden Services - Custom Planting

Deciding to design and landscape one's own property can be an exciting time and a truly rewarding experience. Some gardeners do all the parts of this proces by themselves.

Arthur Greenhouses can help you with this important part of your project as well.

Our custom planting services can be used by gardeners to (trans)plant their own plants, shrubs or small trees, wether they are purchased at Arthur Greenhouses or elsewhere.

In case of shrubs and trees it's often harder to remove your green from their old place to the new spot and more labour or equipment is needed. We also can provide you with information (soil preparation, watering, fertilizing, staking, pruning) to increase the rate of survival. Your reward for transplanting more mature plant material is a garden that looks faster to the desired end result.

For new plant material, we invite you at our garden center to take a look at our wide selection.

For moving or re-planting in your garden we can provide you with an estimate or quote.

Nevertheless, you can contact us for more information about all your planting jobs. Even the smaller ones.