Arthur Greenhouses

Garden Center & Nursery

We have  over 1000 varieties to choose from to suit your needs

Category Annuals


Use colours and enjoy your garden, deck or patio

Pick the bedding plants you like and plant them anywhere in your garden.

Category Baskets and Planters


Beautiful hanging baskets and planters

A lot to choose from and we grow them in unusual containers.

Category Seeds


Grow vegetables, herbs and flowers from scratch

Choose from the wonderful collection of Fifth Season Seeds.

Category Transplants


Give your veggie and herb garden a headstart

Organic, heirloom and GMO-free transplants. Ready to plant!

Category Perennials


Plant once and enjoy them over the years

Large, colourful selection for sun, shade and everything in between.

Category Herbs


Spice your food and boost your health

Basils, rosemary, oregano, mints, thyme, dill and more!

Category-Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs

Ad extra colour to your garden with flowering shrubs

Perennials and annuals aren’t the only plants that provide color in the garden.

Category Fruit hrubs and Trees

Fruit Shrubs & Trees

Nice in your garden, edible and healty

Nothing tastes better than your own grown fruits and berries

Category Trees


Containerized trees for easier planting

Great collection of ornamental with flowers or regular shade and lane trees.

Category Evergreens


A green garden year round with our great evergreens

Creeping, low, bigger, more colourful, ornamental; we have it.

Category Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies

Beneficial helpers to beautify your garden

Potting soils, peat moss, manures, fertilizers, lanscape fabric etc.

Category Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Surprise someone with a gift they can choose themselves

No plastic card, but a real "old fasioned" certificate in any denomination.